The main benefits of using Motivation Global:
  • complimentary service  teamwork
  • there is no charge for our proposal and collection of ideas
  • our experience of hospitality business as well as local knowledge ensures the best options to recommend providing value for money to our clients
  • we are committed to provide the best choice of venues and activities to the corporations at the best possible cost
  • our events and incentive programmes are custom designed based on a detailed assessment of each of our client’s needs
  • we grant the same contact from the planning stage through to delivery of services and financial reconciliation
  • our company is financially solid and operate with full licences and meet current insurance requirements
  • we regularly check its supply chain to ensure that all third party suppliers meet the demanding criteria set by Motivation
  • there is a strong procurement policy set in our company
  • we have got a crises management strategy in place
  • there are risk management procedures in place, in line with current UK legislation
  • we have an understanding of the emerging wider CSR agenda
  • the team at Motivation is carefully chosen to ensure they have the necessary skill sets to manage and deliver the level of services required in the current trading conditions. A full service sales office in the UK (GMC) with an experienced team who knows Hungary very well and have been working with Motivation for years


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